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The the Polydisciplinary Faculty of Larache in association with Mediteranian Association of Science and Technology organize the 6th edition of the International Conference on Networking, Intelligent Systems & Security (NISS 2023).
NISS is a comprehensive conference focused on the various aspects of advances in Intelligent systems, Security and Networking Technologies. The main purpose of NISS is to improve our research by achieving the highest capability and encourage open discussions on recent advances in computer communication and information technologies.
Authors are invited to submit original unpublished manuscripts that demonstrate recent advances in computer communications, wireless/mobile networks, information systems, intelligent systems and security in the theoretical and practical aspects.
The conference papers will be published in the one of the followings depending on the author's preference.

  1. The ACM International Conference Proceeding Series (ICPS) ISBN N°: 979-8-4007-0019-4
  2. The Ambient Intelligence and Smart Environments IOS Book Series ISBN N°: Pending

Final Program

Wednesday  May 24 , 2023
Session 1
Session 2
Session 3
Session 4
Welcome Talk:

  • Prof. Bouchta El MOUMNI President of the UAE  University
  • M. Omar Moro President of the Council of the Tangier-Tetouan-Al Hoceima Region,
  • Prof. Said EL MARZOUKI Dean of FP  Larache , Conference Honoray Chair
  • Prof. Mustapha DIANI Dean of FSTT  Tangier
  • Prof. Hicham GIBET TANI, FPL, UAE University , Conference Chair
  • Prof. BOUDHIR ANOUAR Abdelhakim , FSTT, UAE University, , Conference Co-Chair
  • Prof. Mohamed BEN AHMED, FSTT, UAE University , Conference Co-Chair
Coffee Break
Keynote Speaker: Dr. Paolo Spagnoletti , LUISS Guido Carli University, Rome, Italy
" Beyond Interoperability: Data Control Coordination in Highly Regulated Sectors "
Session moderated by Prof.
Keynote Speaker: Dr. Rogério Dionísio , Polytechnic Institute of Castelo Branco, Portugal
"Satellite IoT Simulation with SEAMACT: Modeling and Analysis"
Session moderated by Prof.
Session 5
Session 6
Session 7
Session 8
Coffee Break

Thursday,  May 25 , 2023

Session 9
Session 10
Session 11
Session 12
Coffee Break
Keynote Speaker: Dr. Aniss Moumen Ibn Tofail University, Morocco
"Data Science for Moroccan social issues : Review and case study"
Session moderated by Prof.
11h45-12h30 pm
Keynote Speaker: Dr. Mohammed Kaicer Ibn Tofail University, Morocco
"Market of Artificial Intelligence new opportunities and challenges"
Session moderated by Prof.
Spring School 4: LaTeX
Dr. Aziz Mahboub, Abdelmalek Essaadi University

Coffee Break
Conference Closure

Session 1: AI Applications I ; Chair: Prof. Y. AMRANI
Houda Oubalahcen
35:Bimodal emotion recognition system based on Long-Term Recurrent Convolutional Network
Abdellatif DAHMOUNI; Abdelkaher Ait Abdelouahad ;Ibrahim GUELZIM; Reda Rossamy ; Marwane Hamdani
44:Tweets similarity classification based on Machine Learning Algorithms, TF-IDF and the Dynamic Case Based Reasoning
Mohamed Kouissi; El Mokhtar EN-NAIMI; Abdelhamid ZOUHAIR
48:Pathways to Success: A Study of Classification Algorithms for Guiding Middle School Students in Morocco
Morad Badrani; Adil Marouan; Nabil Kannouf; Abdelaziz Chetouani
61:Amazigh Speech Recognition Using 1D CNN
Mohamed DAOUAD; El wardani DADI
29:Smart laboratory: Building a smart laboratory environment by using AI
Session 2: Networking I ; Chair: Prof. H GIBET TANI
22:Contribution to the Modeling and Design of Dielectric Resonator Antennas for the Detection of Cracks and Biphasic Heterogeneities
26:Cross Polarization Diversity Employment in a 4×4 MIMO Antenna Design
3:IoT Antennas for Industry 4.0 Communications
Assiya AMRI; Tomader MAZRI
41:A study of extending BPMN for IoT-aware process modeling
Iman EL KODSSI; Sbai hanae
55:On-demand Geographic Forwarding for producer mobility support in Named Data Networking
mohammed bellaj
10 :Wireless In-band Full-Duplex FSK: Performance Optimization Using a Novel Syn-chronization Loop
Mohammed El Khattabi *; Mohammed Khaldoun; Ahmed Errami ; Jelloul Elmesbahi
71 :On the use of RFID Middleware for real-time data stream processing
Achraf HAIBI*; Kenza OUFASKA; Khalid EL YASSINI ; Mohammed BOULMALF ; Mohsine BOUYA
Session 3: Security I ; Chair: Prof. Mohammed Achkari Begdouri
5:Comparison of Free and Open source WCAG Accessibility Evaluation Tools
Fatima Ezzahra CHADLI
6:Authentication in Internet of Things: State of Art
Souhayla Dargaoui; Mourade AZROUR; EL ALLAOUI AHMAD ; Azidine Guezzaz; Said BENKIRANE
47:Elliptic Curve Cryptography signing algorithms behind blockchain 2.0
Adil Marouan; Morad Badrani; Nabil Kannouf ; Abdelaziz Chetouani
49:SQL Injection detection in Cloud computing with machine learning algorithms
hadji abdelhakim
50:Robust Image Encryption Algorithm Using a New Variant of Hill Cipher
Hicham RRGHOUT; Mourad KATTASS; Younes QOBBI; Naima BENAZZI; Abdellatif JARJAR; Abdelhamid BENAZZI
98:Deep Learning application for malware classification using convolutional neural network
Yasser Agzayal* and Mohammed BOUHORMA
13: Modeling and Conducting Security Risk Assessment of Smart Airport Infrastructures with SecRAM
Hajer Saada ; Riccardo Orizio; Stefano Sebastio
Session 4: Computing and Intelligent Systems I ; Chair: Prof. Hicham TOUIL
53:Sentiment analysis of Facebook users towards COVID-19 vaccination
Imad ZEROUAL ; Anoual EL KAH
17:Female or male observers ? - Gender differences in subjective image quality assessment
Fatima Ezzahra ELMayel ; abdellatif DAHMOUNI; Abdelkaher Ait Abdelouahad
37:A new energy-saved, load-balanced, and hierarchical multi-layered deterministic WSN clustering technique to improve IoT infrastructures
Othmane Dergaoui; Youssef BADDI ; Abderrahim HASBI
40:Exploring Collaborative Filtering Algorithms in MOOCs Recommender Systems: A Comprehensive Overview
63: Employing multi-agent systems to enhance virtual reality platforms
43: Optimisation and Resampling methods for Handling Imbalanced Datasets in Credit Card Fraud Detection using Artificial Neural Networks
Session 5: Systems and Technologies ; Chair: Prof. M. BEN AHMED
38:Embedded Acoustic Noise Cancellation (ANC) Performances Analysis for Voice Communications using Linear Adaptive Approaches
52:Weed detection and treatment by RGB system (Case of the FPL smart farm)
Zineb Laftouty
69:Analyse de l'impact de la consommation d'énergie sur la croissance économique et la durabilité environnementale : cas du Maroc
70:Blockchain-Based Distributed Caching with replication for Efficient Service Provision in Edge-cloud Environments
15 :Optimizing Emergency Vehicle Detection for Safer and Smoother Passages
Ali OMARI ALAOUI ; Ahmad El Allaoui ; Yousef FARHAOUI ; Omaima El bahi ; Ahmed Elyoussefi ; Mariame Oumoulylte
Session 6: Soft & Data Engineering ; Chair: Prof. Haimoudi Elkhatir
27:Punctuation Prediction for the Arabic langage
abdelkarim aboutaib ; Ahmad EL Allaoui ;Imad ZEROUAL; El Wardani Dadi
31:Integration of the MDA approach in massive databases, a PIM to PSM transformation
applied to the NoSQL key-value platform Srai Aziz
42:A private cloud based Datalab for scalable DSML pipelines
Abdellah Berkaoui ; Youssef GAHI
66:A new ground truth dataset for the automatic validation of Arabic handwritten character segmentation algorithms
Mohsine EL KHAYATI; Amine Ouba ; Youssfi Elkettani ; Fatima El Khoukhi
90:Application of bibliometrics as a data mining technique for research prioritization - Case study of desalination research
Hicham BOUTRACHEH ; Rachid El Ansari ;Nezha MEJJAD; Aniss MOUMEN
Session 7: Digital Systems & Smart Applications ; Chair: Prof. Essaid El Haji
89:Adoption of advanced technologies in industrial companies: A bibliometric analysis
Samia Haman
59:A comparison of machine learning algorithms for credit card fraud detection
30:Current Trends in AI-Based Derivatives Pricing: A Review
Mohammed AHNOUCH ; Lotfi Elaachak ; Abderrahim Ghadi
45:Patient smart home monitoring using vision neural network transformers
Lamiae ELOUTOUATE ; Hicham GIBET TANI ; Fatiha ELOUAAI; Mohammed BOUHORMA; Mohamed walid Hajoub
34:Towards an Open-Source Based E-Mail Forensic Tool that uses Headers in Digital Investigation
Remilekun Adeopatoye, Richard Adeyemi Ikuesan, Victor R. Kebande, Mehdi Sookhak
21: Exploring crude oil price movements as a complex time series using recurrent neural networks
Rida EL ABASSI*; Mohamed OUBRAIME; Abderrahim SABOUR
Session 8: Intelligent Systems & Networking ; Chair: Prof. A.A. BOUDHIR
62:A new energy-efficient and cost-effective Cloud solution for IoT
Othmane Dergaoui; Youssef BADDI; Abderrahim HASBI
67:Capacity Analysis of NOMA with mmWave for 5G wireless Communications and Beyond
Mourtada OUBASSAGHIR and Mohamed Boulouird
94:Applications of Text Generation in Digital Marketing: a review
Soumaya Loukili: , Lotfi ELAACHAK ,Abdelhadi Fennan
96: Serious Game in Arabic
Younes Alaoui, Lotfi ELAACHAK and Mohammed Bouhorma
64:An intelligent solution based on a multi-agent system for the detection of cheating in online exams
97:Fed-Haul:A Federated Learning Dual Band Point Multi-point Backhaul Requirements in 5G Evolution and Beyond
Abdellah Chehri, Hasna Chaibi, EL Mettiti Abderrahmane, Rachid Saadane and Gwanggil Jeon
Session 9: Computing and Intelligent Systems II ; Chair: Prof. A. MAHBOUB
14:Matia Application: An IA Multi-Lingual Assistant For Visually Impaired And Blind People
Nadia Oukrich ; Tamega Bougary; Naziha Laaz
58:Simulation of an intelligent traffic management model
Sohaib Chengaou ; Khalid El Yassini ; Kenza Oufaska
63:Employing multi-agent systems to enhance virtual reality platforms Ghalia MDAGHRI-ALAOUI; Abdelhamid ZOUHAIR; Nihad ELGOUCH
77:A comparative study and performance evaluation of discrete Tchebichef moments for image analyses.
Abdelati Bourzik
100: An exploratory study on the contribution of Artificial Intelligence in improving the bank credit analysis process
Hicham Sadok, Hasna Chaibi and Rachid Saadane
101: Challenges and Opportunities of Integrating AI with IFRS in Accounting Systems Insights from Morocco
HNICHE Omar ; Saadane Rachid
Session 10: AI Applications II ; Chair: Prof. N. ELGOUCH
65:A Comparative Study of Different Supervised Machine Learning in predicting of Type 2 Diabetes
Fadoua EL KEBRAOUI; El Mokhtar En-naimi ; Nihad EL GHOUCH
80:Integrating GIS Data with Machine Learning Approaches for Improved Flood Hazard Prediction
wassima moutaouakil ; Soufiane HAMIDA ; Bouchaib Cherradi; Mohammed Jebbari Loic Emo Siani ;Abdelhadi Raihani
82:U-Net-based Artificial Intelligence for Accurate and Robust Brain Tumor Diagnosis using Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Driss LAMRANI; Soufiane HAMIDA; Mohammed Amine Bouqentar; MOHAMED AMINE AMINE MAHJOUBI ; Bouchaib Cherradi ; Lhoussain Bahatti
83:Predicting Discharge Mode in Dielectric Barrier Discharge (DBD) Systems using Machine Learning: Importance, Algorithms, and Perspectives
Moustapha ouali ; Issam Seddik; Youssef Lagmich
Session 11: Security II ; Chair: Prof. L. EL ACHAAK
54:An Efficient Image Encryption Algorithm using Chaotic S-boxes of Pseudo-random Size
Mourad KATTASS ; Hicham RRGHOUT ; Abdellah ABID ; Mariem JARJAR ; Abdellatif JARJAR; Abdelhamid BENAZZI
57:Leveraging Blockchain for Enhanced Security in IOB Data Management
20 :A recent benchmark study of GANs models for securing mobile applications
Akram CHHAYBI and Saiida LAZAAR
72:Comparative Analysis of Iterative Decoding Algorithms for QC-MDPC McEliece Cryptosystems
Abdellatif Kichna; Abderrazak Farchane
75:The Impact of Radio Frequency (RF) Attacks on Security and Privacy: A Comprehensive Review
Abdellah Maatallaoui; Hicham Touil ; Larbi Setti
93:Enhancing Malware Classification with Vision Transformers: A Comparative Study with Traditional CNN Models
Ikram Ben abdel ouahab; Lotfi ELAACHAK; Mohammed Bouhorma
4: From Pre-Quantum to Post-Quantum RSA
Sandeep Joshi *; Amit K Bairwa ; Anton P. Pljonkin ; Pradumn Garg ; Kshitij Agrawal
51: Review of Vulnerabilities and Countermeasures Against Sybil Attacks on Decentralized Systems Based on Machine Learning Algorithms
Abdellatif BAKAR , Abdelhamid Zouhair1 and El Mokhtar EN-NAIMI
Session 12: Digital Health Systems ; Chair: Prof. Said lakhal
25:Digital Twin Technology for Enhanced Health Monitoring, Maintenance, and Energy Efficiency of Electric Vehicles: E-mule Project
YASSINE EL-OUARDI ; Oussama Hasidi; Khamis Jakob ; El-Hassan Abdelwahed; Aimad QAZDAR ; Stephan Sauter; Jens Timmermann; Ahmed Bendaouia
91:Digital Health Taxonomy
Houda Fakhkhari ; Bouchaib Bounabat; Ismail Kassou
56: An Advanced IoT-Based Architecture for Healthcare Systems: A Focus on Blockchain-based Edge Computing for Diabetes Management
Khadija Tlemçani ; Said Jai Andaloussi ; Kebira AZBEG ; Ouail Ouchetto ; Leila Fetjah
81: Classifying Brain Tumors using Convolutional Neural Networks on Magnetic Resonance Imaging Scans
Mohamed Amine Mahjoubi, Soufiane Hamida, Bouchaib Cherradi, Oussama El Gannour, Ahmed El Abbassi and Abdelhadi Raihani
32: Dual inhibitors of cyclooxygenase-2 and 5-lipoxygenase with molecular docking study
loubna taidi ; Amal EL MAURADY; Rajaa Chahboune



  • Mobile Networks
  • Wireless Networks
  • 6G/5G Systems
  • Cognitive radio
  • Cross-layer design
  • DTN networks
  • Green networks
  • Smart Grid
  • Internet of things IoT
  • Network survivability
  • Network reliability
  • Network virtualization
  • Vehicular networks
  • Underwater networks
  • Satellite networks
  • Antenna Design
  • Signal Processing
  • Telecommunications
  • Optics and Photonics
  • Sensors
  • Information centric networking
  • Contents centric networking

Intelligent Systems

  • Machine Vision
  • Machine Learning
  • Deep Learning
  • Fuzzy Logic
  • Swarm Intelligence
  • Optimization Algorithms
  • Multi-agent Systems
  • Quantum Computing
  • Recommender systems
  • E-Learning Systems
  • Cloud Computing
  • Embedded Computing
  • Scalable Computing
  • High Performance Computing
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Augmented Reality
  • Extended Reality


  • Cryptography
  • Quantum Cryptology
  • Blockchain Technologies
  • IPS & IDS Systems
  • Mobile Security
  • IoT Security
  • Security Policies
  • Access Control Models
  • Steganography
  • Watermarking
  • Fingerprinting
  • Stream ciphers
  • Biometrics
  • Digital Forensic
  • Secure Protocols

Soft & Data Engineering

  • Localization Systems
  • Big Data
  • Datamining
  • Geographic information system
  • Data Modeling
  • Data Management
  • Knowledge management
  • Semantic Technology
  • Social Network Mining
  • Storage Systems
  • Data Warehousing Systems
  • Query Processing and Optimization
  • Software Economics and Metrics
  • Software Testing and Analysis
  • Agile Software Development
  • Web Services and Applications
  • Empirical software engineering
  • Model-Driven Engineering
  • Keynote Speakers

    Important Dates

    Submission Deadline

    March 26, 2023

    Camera Ready Submission

    May 14, 2022

    Spring School


    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Machine learning
    • Deep Learning
    • Applications in Computer vision
    • Applications in Natural language processing
    • Applications in Reinforcement Learning

    IT Security

    • Security and Risk Management
    • Communication and Network Security
    • Identity and Access Management
    • Security Assessment and Testing


    • XAI techniques to improve the interpretability of ML models
    • XAI techniques to improve the transparency of ML models


    • Install LaTex and a writing environment
    • Insert Tables, Figures and Plots
    • Create multiple figures using the Tikz library
    • Create professional LaTex presentations using Beamer
    • Learn citations and how to build a bibliography
    • Use a LaTex template

    Submit your Paper

    Authors are invited to submit original and unpublished work, manuscripts must respect the conference template guidelines, including figures, tables, and references.

    1. ACM Template
    2. IOS Template
    The length of papers should not exceed 8 pages. The paper must be submited as PDF files through CMT system.
    The direct link for paper submission is:

    Papers are reviewed on the basis that they do not contain plagiarized material (max. 15% from all sources + max. 5% from one source), Ithenticate tool will be used to detect plagiarism .
    Each paper will be reviewed by 2 regular PC members in tow rounds of review . The acceptance decisions will take into account paper novelty, technical depth, elegance, practical or theoretical impact, and presentation.
    Authors of high quality papers will be invited to submit an extended version(60%) of their work for potential publication in a special issue/section of an international journal.


    International Advisory Board

    • Bernadetta Kwintiana Ane, University of Stuttgart, Germany
    • Laksana Tri HANDOKO, National Research and Innovation Agency, Indonesia
    • Imre J. RUDAS, Obuda University, Hungary
    • Vaclav SNASEL, VSB-TU Ostrava, Czech Republic
    • Kaoutar El MAGHRAOUI, IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center, USA
    • İsmail Rakıp Karașo,Karabuk University, Turkey
    • Joel Rodrigues, National Institute of Telecommunications , Brazil
    • Joerg WIDMER, IMDEA Networks Institute, Madrid, Spain
    • Kashif Saleem, King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
    • Parthasarathy Subashini, Avinashilingam University India
    • Kaoutar BEN AHMED, FIU, USA
    • Sehl MELLOULI Laval University, Canada
    • Wassila Aggoune-Mtalaa, Institute of Science and Technology, Luxembourg
    • Ahmad Afif SUPIANTO, National Research and Innovation Agency, Indonesia

    Organizing Committee

      Conference Co-Chairs
    • Gibet Tani Hicham, FP Larache, UAE University, Morocco

    • Conference Co-Chairs
    • Anouar BOUDHIR Abdelhakim, FSTT, UAE, Tangier, Morocco
    • Mohamed BEN AHMED, FSTT, UAE, Tangier, Morocco
    • Aziz MAHBOUB, FSTT, UAE, Tangier, Morocco

    • TPC Chairs
    • İsmail Rakıp KARAŞ, Karabuk University, Turkey
    • Lotfi AL ACHAAK, FSTT, UAE, Tangier, Morocco

    • Publication Chair
    • Rogério Dionisio, Polytechnic Institute Castelo Branco, Portugal
    • Rani EL MEOUCHE, ESTP, Paris, France

    • Special Issues Chair
    • SENTHIL Kumar, Hindustan College of Arts and Science, India

    • Tutorials Chair
    • Bernadetta Kwintiana ANE,, University of Stuttgart, Germany

    Local Organizing Committee

    • Pr. SETTI Larbi, FPL, UAE University, Morocco.
    • Pr. ACHKARI BEGDOURI Mohammed, FPL, UAE University, Morocco.
    • Pr. TOUIL Hicham, FPL, UAE University, Morocco.
    • Pr. AL-AMRANI Yassine, FPL, UAE University, Morocco.
    • Pr. EL HAJI Essaid, FPL, UAE University, Morocco.
    • Pr. EL ABDERRAHMANI Abdellatif, FS, USMBA University Morocco.
    • Pr. ZOUITEN Mohammed, FP, USMBA University Morocco.

    Scientific Committee

    • A. F.,Salami,lorin university,Nigeria
    • Abdelaali,Chaoub,INPT, Rabat, Morocco
    • Abdelali El Bouchti,FST,Settat, Morocco
    • Abdelkrim Haqiq, FST, Settat, Morocco
    • Abdellah,Chehri,University of Quebec in Chicoutimi, Canada
    • Abderrahim BAJIT, UIT, Kenitra, Morocco
    • Abderrahim El Mhouti,FS, Tetouan, Morocco
    • Abderrahmane,Mallek,INTTC, Algeria
    • Adel,Alti,University of Setif - Algeria
    • Agnes,Mindila,Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology,Kenya
    • Ahmad Afif Supianto,National Research and Innovation Agency, Indonesia
    • Akbari Basuki,Brin, Indonesia
    • Al Hafiz Akbar Maulana Siagian,Indonesian Institute of Sciences, Indonesia
    • Ali Jamali,Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
    • Arafat Febriandirza,National Research and Innovation Agency,Indonesia
    • Arnida Lailatul Latifah,Indonesian Institute of Sciences, Indonesia
    • Ayoub Elhoucine,INTTIC, Algeria
    • Aziz Mahboub, FST, Tangier, Morocco
    • Azlinah Mohamed,UiTM Shah Alam Malaysia, Malaysia
    • Belkacem,Kouninef,INTTIC, Algeria
    • Ben Ahmed Mohamed,FSTT,UAE,Morocco
    • Boudhir Anouar Abdelhakim, FSTT, Tangier, Morocco
    • Constança Rigueiro,Polytechnic Institute of Castelo Branco, Portugal
    • Dmitry Bystrov,Tashkent State Technical University, Uzbekistan
    • Driss GRETETE , UIT, Kenitra, Morocco
    • E. M.,Dogo,futminna,South Africa
    • Ehlem Zigh,INTTIC, Algeria
    • El Aachak Lotfi, FST, Tangier, Morocco
    • El Arbi,Abdellaoui Alaoui,E3MI, Morocco
    • Elrharras Abdessamad,EHTP, Morocco
    • Enrique,Arias,University of Castilla-La Mancha, Spain
    • Esa Prakasa,LIPI,INDONESIA

    Scientific Committee

    • El Ghazi Hassan, INPT, Rabat, Morocco
    • El Kalkha Hanae,ENSAT, Tangier, Morocco
    • Faisal,Shahkhan,Khalifa University of Science, Technology & Research,EAU
    • Fatima Salahdine,National Institute of Posts and Telecommunications, Morocco
    • Fatma Zohra,Bessai Mechmache,CERIST, Algeria
    • Filip Biljecki,National University of Singapore
    • Francis Thiong,Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology
    • Geoffrey,Chemwa,Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and technology,Kenya
    • Ghulam Yasin,University of Education, Lahore. Pakistan
    • Heru Susanto,LIPI,INDONESIA
    • Hilman Pardede,Research Center for Informatics, Indonesian Institute of Sciences, Indonesia
    • Ibrahima,Niang,LID/UCAD,Senegal
    • Javier Berrocal,University of Extremadura
    • Jihane Gharib, ENSAK, Kenitra, Morocco
    • Joel,Rodrigues,National Institute of Telecommunications (INATEL), Brazil
    • Kashif,Saleem,King Saud University,Arabia Saudia
    • Lawrence,Nderu,Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology,Kenya
    • Lindung Parningotan Manik,Lembaga Ilmu Pengetahuan Indonesia, Indonesia
    • Mariam Tanana,ENSA, Tangier, Morocco
    • Meriem,Ouederni,IRIT/INP Toulouse/ ENSEEIHT, France
    • Mirzokhid,Taniev,Tashkent State Technical University, Uzbekistan
    • Mohamed Moughit,ENSA, khouribga, Morocco
    • Mohammed Kadiri,UST Mohammed Boudiaf, Oran, Algeria
    • Moulay Lahcen, Hasnaoui, USMBA, Morocco
    • My Driss Laanaoui,FSTG Marrakech, Morocco

    Scientific Committee

    • Murat Yakar,Mersin University, Engineering Faculty, Geomatic Department,Mersin,TURKEY
    • Mykola Kozlenko,Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University
    • Natalia Kolesnik, Sociological Institute of the RAS,Russia
    • Norjansalika Janom,Universiti Teknologi Mara , Malaysia
    • Norli Shariffuddin,UiTM Shah Alam Malaysia
    • Nur Zahrah Farida,Ruslan,Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM), Malaysia
    • Olga,Sergeyeva,Saint Petersburg University, Russia
    • Omer Soysal,Southeastern Louisiana University, USA
    • Pascal Berthomé,INSA LAVAL, France
    • Rachid SAADANE , EHTP, Casablanca, Morocco
    • Radhakrishna Bhat,MAHE,India
    • Rani El Meouche,FIT,ESTP, France
    • Sahbi Sidhom, Lorraine University, France
    • Sanjar Giyasov, Tashkent State Technical University, Uzbekistan
    • Sibel Senan,Istanbul University, Turkey
    • Tarek mohamed El-Fouly,Qatar University, Qatar
    • Tolga Ensari,Istanbul University-Cerrahpasa, Turkey
    • Tomader MAZRI , UIT, Kenitra, Morocco
    • Vicky Zilvan,Indonesian Institute of Sciences, Indonesia
    • Wassila Aggoune-Mtalaa,Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology, Luxembourg
    • Yasyn Elyusufi,FST, Tangier, Morocco
    • Kasse,Université Alioune Diop de Bambey, Senegal
    • Zakaria,Elmrabet,University of North Datoka, USA



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